February 2020
        Magik latent space hallucination. — Visuals— This is one of the first experiments with StyleGan for an experimental video piece and probablistic ambient music. A vector from a pre-trained model is used as a seed for generating variations for smooth transitions. Then exported at 24fps and slowed-down with 1024px resolution.

January 2020
        Kowloon. — Visuals— I used the help of GLSL language to process some classic animation pieces of video. Then I used them to create the visuals for a music track. Developed in MaxMSP and processed with VSynth.

July 2019
        L.A.I.A 001. — Machine Learning— Trained a pixi2pix model with a video sequence of less than 400 frames for testing purposes.
This is an sketch drawing to image translation result.

June 2019
        Text to image poem. — Machine Learning — First attempt using pre-trained model with Tensorflow. In this particular case is a text-to-image conversion. Images are generated either by single words and full sentences.

Mid 2014
        The Shifter. — Hardware — I was told to build and mod a video processor for achieving some old school analog video effects for a live performance and post production effects.

       The machine has five different effects that can be controlled via pots and two extra switches combined with the red push buttons for extreme processing.

       Possibilites are endless due to the effects vary depending on the video's analog, do you remember?

        This machine has been used by Luisfer Pacheco as a video processing unit in a videoclip for the band VIETNAM and also by Blanali in his live sets.

Summer 2013
       Limes. — Installation — An interactive audiovisual installation about taboos, afections and mythologies in the context of the EME3 architecture festival in Barcelona at Fabra i Coats.

        Subjects, one at a time, enters on a dark room where a white canvas is projected on the front wall.

        Sorrounded by a deep ambient sound user notices an still video begins to play. The upper limbs turns into a living brush and the movements become traces of watercolor stains over the image.

        Meanwhile, sound reacts with user movements and carries the subject to a new, virtual place.

       The space and time suggest the subject to a meditation about architecture and urban life in the city, in this case Barcelona.