Adrià Gil —

Music Producer & Media Composer focused on Artificial Intelligence development integrating sound, image and code.

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    It all began when I was a teenager and my parents bought me a guitar.
Soon I started to play music but I never cared about being a pro.
During the high school I met computers and I fell in love with them instantly.
Then I studied a computer degreen in Barcelona (UPC Uni.) and learned programming both software and hardware.

    After a succesful carreer as a developer then I decided to move back to music.
I started producing with computers and then I ended up turning knobs of classic audio equipment.

    Apart from being fool about music I consider myself a media developer an interaction designer and a lover of digital arts, open source projects and collector of old and dusty analog equipment.

    From off to on
Performer at Venecia Flúor (2019~)
Founder at Bonita Machina (2014~)
Producer of Las Bistecs (2014-2018)
Performer of NUS (2016-2018)
Freelance Music Producer & Media Composer (2015~)
Course Advanced C++ Programming (2009-2010)
B.S. Multimedia Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC (2005-2009)